1. Can you tell us a little about where you are from?

I come from a family-owned business background. I grew up working around the family business throughout my childhood learning the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a successful business. I went to a private school from preschool through fifth grade, after which I moved to a public middle school until I moved to North Carolina. I did a distance learning program my junior and senior year of high school so that I could pursue my racing dream. Since my graduation, I have been following the racing circuit learning the racing business.


2. What age did you become a Race fan?

Since birth


3. At what age did you decide you wanted to Race?

Same as 2


4. Does your Family Support you in Racing?



5. What Divisions have you Raced in so far?

ARCA, Trucks and Nationwide are big


6. Did you go to the Tracks when you where younger?

Of course....raced on them


7. Did you have any Drivers you looked up to as a child?

Earnhardt and Petty


8. If you as a driver could change anything in your sport what would it be?

Hmm... No comment


9. What is the Best and Least part of being a Driver?

Best part is the dedicated fans cheering you on


10. What would you tell future Sponsors or Owners about yourself?

I'm out there to compete for a win every time I get in the cockpit.

Not out there to ride around


11.  What advice would you tell young ones who like to Race?

If it's what you love, keep at it. It's a hard industry to get into... Takes pure talent and heart!


12. Do you hope to be Full Time at some point?

Of course....that's what every driver wants


13. What is it like being a part time driver

You still get to do what you love... Just part time


14  Do you like Day or Night Races Better?

Any are awesome to compete in