1. Where are you from?

I'm from Maine.


2. How long have you been interested in Racing?

I've been watching racing since I was little, but I started going to NASCAR races at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2006 and have been going ever since. I fell right in love with it.


3. What Racing Series do you like to watch?

I love NASCAR Sprint Cup the most, but will never say no to Nationwide and Trucks. I love racing all around.


4. Do you have any Racing Heroes?

My racing hero is definitely Dale Earnhardt.


5. If you could change anything in the sport of NASCAR what would it be?

I'd do away with the Chase. Make the competition in the Cup series more like the Nationwide series.


6. Do you have a fave Team Owner?

My favorite team owner is Richard Childress. Love that he is such a family man and has a good heart.


7. Do you dislike anything in the Sport right now?

Same answer as 5. Do away with the Chase.


8. If you could run NASCAR for a Day what would you do?

I would show them boys who's boss. I would love to battle my boys Austin Dillon, Denny Hamlin, Kasey Kahne & Joey Logano on the track. It would have to be at New Hampshire Motor Speedway because that is my home track.


9. Do you like any Tracks the best?

I love Bristol, Daytona, Charlotte & New Hampshire.


10.Why is Austin Dillon your Fave driver?

Have you seen Austin drive? He's a beast on four wheels. He's very consistent and he always thinks positive even when stuff goes wrong. Down to earth and great with the fans. He's going to represent the famed 3 car very well. I'm excited for him.