I was fortunate enough to interview one of the top ranked basketball recruits in the 2016 class. He is an amazing talent and an incredible young man. Duke is one of a few schools fortunate enough to be recruiting this young man. He is a name that all fans will need to keep their eyes on, as he will be a game changing player wherever he goes. Wherever he goes, I wish him the best of luck and know he will be able to achieve his goals.


Thomas Eames: What about Duke is attractive to you as a student athlete?

Harry Giles: The coaches are good, coaches and I have a good relationship, the atmosphere is great and the basketball program is great as well!


Thomas Eames: What could you bring to the Duke basketball program?

Harry Giles: If I decided to go there, I could bring my game. The coaching staff is familiar with my game but I also bring toughness, leadership and just a player you can count on when you need them.


Thomas Eames: How early in the process did Duke begin recruiting you?

Harry Giles: Last year, they came to a workout for the first time. They were still recruiting Theo Pinson at the time.


Thomas Eames: How has the recovery with your injury been?

Harry Giles: It's been good. You know, it was tough at first but it's okay now. I'm getting pushed in rehab but that's what I want and needed so it's great.


Thomas Eames: When will you be back on the court?

Harry Giles: Right now, I have no idea. The end of the time table would be March but I'm thinking it'll be a while after that.


Thomas Eames: How hard has it been to sit out?

Harry Giles: It's been really tough knowing that I would normally be out there and I was just out there. Also, seeing my team struggle at time is the hardest because I know I could make a difference.


Thomas Eames: How has it been being recruited and having high expectations at such a young age?

Harry Giles: It all came with hard work. I was always told if you work hard, good things will come and it happened but with everything you know it's an honor and I'm humbled by it and it's a motivator.


Thomas Eames: What has been your favorite part of the recruiting process so far?

Harry Giles: Just going on the trips and enjoying everything, the coaches, atmosphere, the campuses, just being in the arenas I use to see on TV. Everything.


Thomas Eames: I know it is very early, but is Duke a school you could see yourself attending? What is your list now?

Harry Giles: Yeah all the schools I'm considering I could see myself playing at. Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Ohio St, NC State, Wake Forest, Florida St, and Kansas is starting to ease in there.


Thomas Eames: Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you the best as you continue your college recruiting process.