Do you know what the secret is to learn Chinese well? To learn a language, you must be interested in it and be obsessed with the civilization that it is rooted in. While you are learning Chinese, it is lucky to find that Chinese culture is so rich that you will never be bored with immersing you in it. When you catch a cold in China and consult a Chinese doctor, he may recommend you to take Chinese medicines instead of capsules. Chinese medicines are made from natural plants or animals and generally, they will not cause any side effect.
Besides, when you have backache, Chinese doctor prefer to heal you through acupuncture instead of offering pills. Acupuncture is an ancient technique which has lasted for more than 2000 years in China. The ancient doctors believed that if someone wants to keep healthy, he needs to keep the balance of yin and yang in his body. Although the medicines can decrease the pains quickly, they are the external materials which can damage the balance between yin and yang. On the contrary, acupuncture is the technique which enables the patients to recover without influencing the balance.
It is a tragedy to find that there are a lot of Chinese people who begin to doubt the effort of Chinese medicine due to the influence of some charlatans. To be fair, some theories of Chinese medicines are not completely right. But Chinese people have used Chinese medicine to keep them healthy for thousands of years, so most theories associated with cure of diseases are right. In fact, acupuncture has been adopted by some western hospitals and it has been a remarkable signature therapy of Chinese medicine.
Apart from acupuncture, tui na is another form of Chinese medicine. Both of them are hands-on treatments and effective. It is not hard to find the clinics which offer acupuncture and tui na treatment in western countries nowadays. In addition to healing some diseases, they are beneficial for removing extra stress and keeping healthy.
If you want to learn Chinese medicine, you can choose to enroll in some universities of Chinese medicine. It doesn't mean that you have to be a doctor after educating in such universities. In fact, some people choose to learn tui na to serve their family members.