"In Harm's Ways," the aptly titled card from Top Rank delivered everything president Bob Arum promised. It was an electric night filled with blood, sweat, more blood, and a few KO's.

Main Card

Jose Pizon vs. Powel Wolak: 10 round bout in the middleweight division.

This bout came at short notice for both men. Wolak stepped in for Alfonso Gomes (pulled out due to injury) and Pizon filled the void of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (out with a fever).

Wolak entered the fight with a bulldog approach; always pressing on the heat. Unfortunately for him, in the 2nd round, Wolak was tagged with a left hook on the button and went down for and eight count. But that did not discourage the Polish fighter.

Wolak was relentless with his attack making Pizon fight off his back foot. Early on, Pizon was comfortable with this position. He often caught Wolak with combos.

But the relentless Wolak eventually wore out his opponent. Pizon hand's were virtually dragging on the canvas. He could not block or counter Wolak's flurry.

The referee had no choice but to save Pizon and stop the fight.

Winner: Pawel Wolak by TKO; 2:25 in the 7th round.


Mikey Garcia vs. Olivier Lontchi: 10 round bout in the featherweight division.

Unlike the first match in the main card. This bout was more technical with a much more display of defense.

The first four rounds were a toss up. Each boxer could have arguably won the round. But the fifth round was a one sided affair.

Lontchi went down twice in the 5th round. A 1-2 combination by Garcia planted his opponent on the ground. Lontchi got up, but was hurt. Garcia smelled the blood and pounced.

Garcia launched a hell fury melee on Lontchi to which had no answer. The referee stepped in the stopped the fight.

Winner: Mikey Garica by TKO; 1:30 in the 5th round.


Nonito Donaire vs. Wladimiro Sidorenko: 10 rounds in the Bantamweight division. 

Donaire came out hard and strong, surprising Sidorenko, and rocked him early in the first. The Ukrainian was wobbly for a minute but regained his balance. Sadly for him, later in the round, Donaire scored the knock down.

The first was about to end, but not before Donaire caught his opponent with an left uppercut and right cross to floor Sidorenko for an eight count.

The Ukrainian kicked it up a notch and pressed on, apply pressure. Donaire, not in trouble, was holding his own under pressure, managing to tag the attacker with pin point accuracy. And in the third managed to counter Sidorenko's attack with a left hook.

The fourth round was completely dominated by Donaire. Sidorenko was a bloody mess. After getting punished with no response, Sidorenko knew it was over for him so he back off, took a knee, and got counted out.

Winner: Nonito Donaire by TKO; 1:49 in the 4th round.


Humberto Soto vs. Urbano Antillon: 12 rounds for the WBC Lightweight Championship.

From the beginning of the opening bell, Antillon stepped forward and never back. Always on the attack, always applying the pressure. But Soto, had a strategy of his own -- to counter.

Soto was rope-a-dope the whole night. Looking and waiting for an opening until he could make his move. And he found it launching three uppercuts in a row.

The relentless attack by Antillon was a good idea, but a bit heedless. Firing punched in all direction ended up costing him dearly. After his third warning for hitting below the belt, the ref docked him a point.

Soto was aggressive, but reckless -- some would say even dirty. Whereas Soto was calm and stoic. But when the time was right, Soto launched his furry upon his opponent.

It was in all out war that went the distance. It was in the judges hands now.

The Judges called the fight: 114-113, 115-112, 114-113.

Winner: Humberto Soto by unanimous decision to retain the WBC Lightweight Championship.