Writing this week’s review as I wait to depart for Eugene by way of Portland.  Other than the copious amounts of IPAs and small batch whiskey that will be consumed over the next few days, I don’t know what to expect.  



It will certainly be interesting to see the experience in Autzen Stadium on Saturday.  It always looks so cute on TV.  The ability to create a loud, engaging environment in such an intimate setting is something to be celebrated I guess.  



Having only started playing football in 2007, it will be tough to produce and play videos summoning the history of Oregon.  I imagine the dump that LaMichael James took this morning will be  cast in gold and placed on the timeline for Oregon football in that fancy locker room. 



As for Tennessee last weekend vs. the Toppers, Neyland was full of energy despite being only 86% full.  Much of this had to do with the greatest defensive performance of all time.  Some of the videos and decision making have become more creative, but they still leave you wondering WTF is going on from time to time. 



8:00 1st Quarter – The first of three “music videos” is played.  This one involves two members of the dance team (B2B2B National Champs) twerking and giving awkward high-fives in jean shorts and cowboy boots.  Not really sure what it is for or why it lasted an entire Jason Aldean song, but it had the attention of every male.




4:18 1st Quarter – after the 2nd TD from Tennessee, WKU takes the field after a TV timeout in which NOTHING happened.  A primed crowd ready to cut loose is treated to silence.  You might be thinking this is a bad thing – it is not.  There were no members of the soccer team; there were no advertisements for wiper fluid; there was no Lady Vols Basketball hype video.  It was simply the crowd being loud. I’m not willing to give anyone credit for this being anything other than a mistake at this point, but it has been noted.




1Q/2Q Break – A great “This is Tennessee” video of Butch’s first Vol Walk.  It got the place really fired up and the players were all jumping around as is becoming a tradition between quarters.  It was longer than the normal TiT video, and I liked the idea of playing this in between quarters.  Well done.




Sometime in 2nd Quarter – Why is the Lady Vols Basketball hype video played in the 1st quarter and the Men Vols are relegated to the 4th quarter?




9:57 2nd Quarter – Crank up the music video of our mascot, cheerleaders, and some guy driving around Knoxville to Nelly doing country music because IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE.  




4:30 3rd Quarter – Folks, in the 3rd Quarter of Week 2 Section J has already broken my spirit.  UT gets the ball back while WKU still has a manageable deficit and the lower half of Section J is at it again.  This wave was far louder than last week and at a far worse time.  Terrible.  If you sit in Section J and know these people, please put me in touch with them.



Sometime in the 3rd Quarter – I guess we’ve totally given up on our team ever being good, because we spend time producing videos where Justin Coleman and Byron Moore play air guitar while the POTS drum major skips around the screen to Justin Timberlake’s “Let the Groove Get In.”



Bonus Material:



Bobby Denton Does Play Calls – “Incomplete Pass…. (10 second pause)… forced out of bound by Malik Forman at the 25 yard line.”



Bobby Denton Does Names – He’s the first SEC defensive player of the week we’ve had since Eric Berry and Bobby calls him LAREDO McNeil.