Many people know using paper or plastic bags at a checkout line can be cheap and simple. They're a convenience many people often take for granite without a second thought. Realizing this several people would ask the basic question why they should ever bother buying reusable grocery bags wholesale to begin with. This is a basic question that could be answered in several different ways. A good answer though is what's good for our world is good for everything on this wonderful green planet.

You may contemplate why somebody would be so worked up over items that are free to anybody in any store's checkout. Almost any market will inquire if you favor paper over plastic. However, like the night sky, some things really are not quite what we have been sometimes led to think. In reality most environmental impact resulting from plastic bags can be quite surprising.

Plastic bags could take 1000 years until they finally break down into the base components they are made from. They generally form toxic polymer particles that slowly leach out into the surrounding water tables. Tragically paper bags also take as long as one hundred years to dissolve buried by debris and soil in a landfill.

Recently media people have been saying a lot of different things about recycling used shopping bags. The issue is it can cost 10 times the cost to recycle as opposed to producing them using raw materials. A study in 2011 involving forty recycling centers reported that 90 percent of the plastic bags were thrown away with the trash going to the landfill. Ultimately it is believed as little as one percent are actually recycled around the world.

The States uses about 100 billion disposable bags a year, with the typical individual using between 350-500 themselves. They compose over 10 percent of the overall debris washed onto US coast lines each year. California spends around 300 million for cleanup costs every year. Due to their light weight, they are often one of the primary things to blow out from landfill sites.

It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce the demand for each year. The average car could drive 7 miles on the raw materials it takes to produce one bag. They could go 9 miles on the raw materials used in one biodegradable bag.

The greatest opposition for banning and changing our wasteful habits as a society comes not from the citizenry but from the vested interest of big oil who sells the base materials for making them. Despite being made from paper only about twenty percent of paper bags are recycled. They also weigh about ten times more so costs for shipping them is higher.

Anything that can be reused is good. Good for me, you and everyone. It is a tiny step forward the goal of taking some responsibility with the things we do on this planet we are on. So when someone asks you why purchase reusable grocery bags wholesale, tell them its cheap and you could pass out any extras to your good friends. They will thank you later.

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