With the state of the 2012 NFL season in doubt right now I wanted to take a look at something that will be heavily impacted by a lockout if there is no NFL season. That subject would be Fantasy Football.

There is an estimated 21 million people playing Fantasy Football. Your average league costs $60-$80 per team. That means there is between $1,260,000,000 and $1,680,000,000 spent on fantasy football each year. With that much money being spent you can see why some businesses may be in trouble if there is no fantasy football.

Fantasy Football bloggers for instance. What do they blog about now. Blogs they have worked so hard to bring traffic too will suffer. What about the numerous sites who are devoted to Fantasy Football shirts. I for one am planning a purchase of a 2010 Fantasy Football Champions shirt.

On that subject. How do those 2010 champions defend their championships. By the time the 2012 season rolls around those 2010 Champions may be forgotten about. Where is the fun in that.

Places like Hooters who allow players to hold their drafts there will lose money from this as well. What about all the hotel rooms that are booked every year for people who are out of town returning for their draft. There are also Fantasy Football Magazines out there too. I for one bought 5 of them last season. That's $40-$50 spent just by me.

Hopefully none of this stuff will be an issue. Let's just hope we can watch real players in the NFL not replacement players. I would much rather have Drew Brees, Jason Witten, and Steven Jackson on my defending champions keeper league team than Joe Nobody.

My final advice to the NFL is this. Do you want the loss of $1,000,000,000 on your hands? I sure would'nt. Let's see the Woodson Fighting Amish as repeat Champions in 2010-2011 not 2010 and skip a year til 2012.