It's no secret Jimmy Clausen is not an NFL ready QB, and were planning on drafting Andrew Luck. However, I have recently heard reports that Luck plans on staying in school. He probably doesn't want to go to the Panthers, I can't say I blame him. 


So if he doesn't declare who will the Panthers draft? I think there are 4 options here; Da Quan Bowers, Nick Fairley, AJ Green, or their top QB on the board. 


The Panthers have had a near invisible outside of Charles Johnson who is an impending free agent and could use a ton of help on their line. However, as much as I like their young wr's in lafell and gettis, they have to go offense with this pick and give Clausen or Moore a playmaker. Getting a touchdown has been rarer than a no hitter was this season in baseball.


AJ Green is one of the top receiver prospects in recent memory and is easily the top WR on the board. 


Now for the topic of trading down. The Panthers could trade down depending on who they have on their big board, but it is unlikely. They do not have a 2nd round pick and if one team wanted to move up 2 or 3 spots and gave a 2nd i wouldn't be shocked if they did it (assuming Luck does not declare). 


If Luck decides to go back to school, and I'm sure he is aware that he could end up like Jake Locker and lose millions if scouts find a flaw in him. The best possible scenario for the Panthers is sign Jim Harbaugh and draft Luck No. 1 overall. 


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