Iowa's basketball team sucks.  They flat out stink.  I would almost rather stand next to the "Ped Mall Bums" and smell the unholy scent of chew tabacco, whiskey, and every garbage bin in Iowa City than watch another one of the Hawkeye basketball games this year.  Last night's 27 point loss to Wisconsin was one of the worst performances I've seen by a Lickliter team.  There was zero hustle, zero passion, zero coaching, zero play.  It was an old fashion ass whooping of a team that seems to have already hung up their jerseys.

As you can see, last night I was absolutely distraught after the Iowa game ended.  I had to clear my head some way, and even watching the Chicago Blackhawks kick the shit out of Edmonton didn't seem to do it.

So I started searching the web for something that could boost my moral because at the time I felt like an actual Hawkeye basketball player (I was crabby. I lacked passion for even the most minescual things. I was pissed off, and I had a Andrew Brommer type look on my face).  I found a forum (where some have posted our stuff, and we thank you) dedicated to all that is Hawkeye and I started reading what these fine Hawk fans had to say about the basketball team.  Go figure, we mostly agree. 

Here are a few of my favorite responses from last nights Game Thread at

From DJDoug- [In response to the Hawkeye season being over next Thursday] Actually NYC, our  season was over when we lost our first 2 games to power-house non conference foes Texas San Antonio, and Duquense, AT HOME!   All downhill since!

From LaoHawk- IA down 20 at half, 36-16. Will there be anyone here 2nd half? Bueler, Bueler, ...

Also from LaoHawk- At least IA FB beats them Wisky like a little step child.

From daHawkeyes- [In response to a bogus reason why the Hawkeyes lost, blaming lack of shooting not Lickliter or the caliber of play] so i am curious rc if lick gets fired this year will you be gracing us with your presence next year or will you follow lick and sing his praises to whatever school hires him. i wonder if any division 3 schools have forums

I thank you all for sharing my sheer misery.  You made my night somewhat bareable. 

I have been on record in saying Lickliter needs one more year because of the recruiting class he has coming in.  I've also been on record at completely wanting to dismantle the entire Athletic Department starting with Gary Barta.  I have had experience with them, and they may seem like they want basketball to succeed but refuse to accept anyone elses ideas on how to improve it.  They drive me mad. 

If this were the olden days, and we could march out Lick and Barta to the Ped Mall to be stoned, and I only had one stone to throw, I'm not sure who I would throw it at.  It was Barta that gave Lick his gigantic seven year deal before even seeing what he could do in the Big Ten.  It was him that put us in this terrible posistion.  But it was Lickliter that reportedly refused to adapt to his players.  It is Lickliter that has lost player after player after player (and we wouldn't be surprised if Fuller left this year, but a post about that will come later).  What have either of them done to bring Iowa Basketball back to where it needs to be?  Nothing is the only answer that comes to mind.

And I swear I'm not the only one that thinks this:

From MtHawk- I hate this too.  I have been on record that Lickleiter should get to do his 4 year run on his contract.  After tonight I am not so sure.  My reasoning was that no coach would want to take over, if  coach L didn't get to coach his first 4 years of recruits.  I might be wrong.  How much pain can we endure?  I have a feeling that if Barta doesn't fire him after this year, that maybe Barta should go too.

Told you!

(Again thank you to all of those that participate in the Forum, and for posting some of our posts on those walls.  We really appreciate all of you, and hope you enjoy our writing too)