For Tony Allen, at one time it was about the Boston Celtics. The way he celebrated after the C's won the title in 2008 was the sign that he was a team player. He barely played and celebrated that the TEAM won.

For whatever reason, things changed as a couple years passed. Suddenly it was more about Tony Allen the individual, than it was Tony Allen a part of a 15 man roster. The clues that he was a small part of division amongst the team sticks out to me like a big red pimple on the end of your nose.

I can give you 4 or 5 videos of what I mean, but I will stick to the one below because this video makes it blatantly obvious. I apologize for the length of the video but I'm sure you won't mind 2 minutes of the Celtics owning the Lakers.

Now if you can get past the excitement of the game, and watching Glen Davis' theatrics, watch Tony Allen from 40 seconds - 43 seconds. You will see that he did not get hurt but is going onto the floor to whimper about how he just missed the layup, instead of being happy for his team taking the momentum and being up by 6 in a huge game of the NBA Finals.

For an additional view of Tony Allen.. Watch his reaction from 1:40 to 1:43.

Like I said, I could give you other videos of him doing the same thing. In fact.. check out this one. He is clearly not impressed that he didn't get the lob, and KG got the dunk instead.

At some point along the line, it turned into Tony Allen wanting to be Paul Pierce. Tony Allen wanted to be called "The Truth". Thats why he left for the Memphis Grizzlies because he felt he was being overshadowed. Tough luck TA. No other member of the Celtics has an issue with being second tier and winning games. Have fun being "The guy".. or "The guy" that doesn't play in any more playoff games. The Boston Celtics have no room for someone focused more on themselves than they are the team.