I realize that it might still seem like the 2010 recruit signing day was about, oh, 10 minutes ago. But, here at BRN we are committed to covering all of the facets of the diamond when it comes to recruiting (seriously, check it). And, recruiting never really ends. So, the progress of NU's recruiting efforts for 2011 is absolutely an appropriate topic, even if the signing day is nearly a year away. It is especially appropriate considering the relative momentum Nebraska has for the 2011 class.

Three In. So What Does That Mean? Right now, the Huskers have three young men who have stated their intentions to be a part of the NU recruiting class for 2011 - Jamal Turner, Ryne Reeves and Tyler Moore. So, what does that mean? Let's quantify and qualify as best we can.

On quantity, it is pretty...

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