Former Nebraska Cornhuskers football walk on Curt Tomasevicz is a member of the Olympic Gold Medal Winning four man bobsled team. This team was able to generate track record times on Vancouver's Whister Sliding Center in the first two heats of the four heat race, vaulting them to a lead that was insurmountable for the competition.

In Tomasevicz's own words,

Basically our sled is 1400 pounds with all of us inside of it, it goes about 90 miles per hour, it can flip over about any time. No seat belts, no airbags, nothing to hold you in. It takes a former Husker football player to be the brakeman on that kind of team.

While he may not have had the most storied career as a Husker football player, he is another one of those guys who become like legends of the walk on program. He was a...

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