If you have never seen cockapoo puppies you are missing out on the most adorable pups ever. A cockapoo is a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. This particular breed has been around since the 1960's. The American Kennel Club does not recognize this breed of dogs so you wont be able to get papers on your dog or get them registered.

When looking to buy one of these dogs don't be fooled into paying too much money by a breeder that says the dog has papers and is registered. When a dog has papers saying that they are purebred they are worth more money so sometimes breeders will try to trick you into paying more money. A cockapoo is not a purebred dog, however the parents are probably purebred. One of the parents is probably a purebred poodle and the other is a purebred cocker spaniel but that doesn't make their off spring purebred.

However, it does make for adorable off spring. Cockapoo pup are just so cute. They also make wonderful pets, and are good with children and are very smart. They are also ve mild mannered animals.

It is important for your new puppy to be introduced to new people of all ages. This way your new dog will be use to being around children and will begin to like them. These dogs may be known for their mild manner but there are always exceptions to the rule. Dogs have personalities just like humans do. Some puppies are shy while others are outgoing, some are protective of their owner or they may not like to share their food and toys.

This does not make your dog a bad dog it just means he has his own unique personality. If you see that your new pet is developing bad habits then you will want to correct that right away. These dogs can be quite easy to train so it should not be a problem getting them to break their bad habit early on.

The first place you should take your puppy when you get home is to his new potty spot. A potty spot can be a puppy pad, a newspaper or your backyard. After you introduce the puppy to the new potty spot you should take him to it once an hour until the puppy learns to go there on its own. After you feed your new pet be sure to take him to the potty spot so you don't have any accidents on the floor.

There are going to be some accidents at first but just show him his mistake and take him to the potty place. He will begin to understand that is where he is suppose to do his business. It doesn't usually take them very long to figure this out. You do not want to scold your pup for an accident because it isn't something he did on purpose.

Cockapoo puppies are quite intelligent animals so it wont take you very long to teach him where to potty. After the potty training is done then you will have all the time you want to love and spoil your new pet all you want.

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