I love Cheap Toms Shoes and between Tom and I we have quite a few pairs. I got my first pair last year and I’ve never really had any problem getting them dirty or having them stink. However, that last time I wore them I got stuck in the rain and they were soaked. This not only got them dirty but also super stinky.

I did a quick search of how to clean them and most people recommend washing them by hand and even showering with them on to get them clean, the washing machine is usually advised against and if you do use it they advise to put them in the delicate cycle. I also didn’t really find anyone who posted before and after pictures and I found myself always wanting to see how they came out of the washing machine, especially since I was a bit nervous to wash them to begin with. So here’s what I did and I’m really happy with the result.

Put Toms Outlet in the Toms bag they came with.

If you don’t have this bag, any other clothing bag will do. It should be mesh or cloth.

Wash them on the delicate or knit cycle. This is generally a short wash and it will do the job. I also put in a few drops of liquid detergent over them before I put them in to make sure they got soapy.

Air dry them. You can also put them in the ‘air fluff’ setting if your dryer has it. This means no heat.

Important: DO NOT put them in the sun to dry, they will fade!

Here’s how they came out of the washing machine, all clean and holding their shape. Also, no fading!

Tip: If you have sweaty feet sprinkle baby powder and baking soda in them before you wear them, especially if you wear them daily. The baby powder will absorb any moisture and the baking soda will neutralize odor.

And you should have a nice clean pair of Toms Shoes Outlet.