Abdominal fat accumulation is one of the problems faced by many people, especially the office white-collars; they are always troubled by the belly fat? Then how to effectively eliminate belly fat? It is recommended that you had better change eating habits. Don’t immediately sit down or take a nap after meals. Keep standing position, you can choose to go for a walk or to sort through some things, which can reduce fat accumulation and promote digestion. And abdominal massage is also helpful. Do Abdominal massage ten times every night before going to bed can promote defecation and thin abdomen. Besides, drinking water on an empty stomach is effective which helps to waken stomach, discharge the wastes and eliminate constipation.

What’s more, pay more attention to the walking and sitting posture. When you walk, raise your head, keep your belly in and swing your arms, which make you look energetic. When you sit down, get back straight, don't bend over, these can exercise abdominal muscles and tighten your muscles. At ordinary times, do more sports. Turn the hula hoop, do sit-ups, do stretching straining. These can gradually eliminate abdominal fat. In addition, you can combine these ideas with using Bee Pollen Capsules; the effects will become more significant, this can effectively burn fat, decrease blood lipids and speed up metabolism, so in a shirt run, your belly fat will disappear. You can be assured to use it.