Colloidal silver which is also known as colloidal silver water is a mix of microscopic particles of silver. Silver is powerful germicidal. Silver has another exceptional quality and it is that it is not toxic to the human body. Other metals can be lethal when ingested and may also harm the skin and cause allergic reactions. It is however lethal against over 650 kinds of microbes. This is exceptional because pharmaceutical antibiotics usually work against only seven types of bacteria. There are in fact new bacteria that can resist all types of medical antibiotics. The same bacteria can however not stand up to silver water because it has a different way of deactivating germicidal mechanisms.

There are topical and oral formulations of colloidal silver. The modern ones of today are safe for topical application on the skin. There are also formulations for inhalations, anal use, vaginal use and it can also be atomized. It can also be used as eye drops.

It can also be used be dabbed on a wound to disinfect it. Doctors also administer it as an injection. It can be injected into a muscle, cancerous tumor or bloodstream to treat and control various symptoms.

It is advisable to use colloidal water under the supervision of a doctor, pharmacist or other health care professional. They will usually prescribe a low dose of it such as one or two teaspoons per day. The water is not poisonous like medical drugs even in high dosage but a low dose is required because of its effectiveness.

If it is being taken for flu or a cold, one or a couple of tablespoons taken at least thrice and not more than six times for adults a day works to speed up recovery. It also effectively prevents a full blown flu or cold if it is taken as a preventive measure when the first symptoms are noticed. If it is being taken to heal an infection in the mouth, it should be held against the infection for a few minutes minutes before it is swallowed.

Taking the product by mouth often can boost the strength of the immune system by boosting its ability to fight disease-causing microbes that invade it. Medical antibiotics can destroy the good bacteria as they kill the bad. Silver water does not. It works while leaving tissue cell enzymes intact.

Some people report side effects of taking the colloidal drops such a mild aches and fatigue. This is caused by the detoxifying effect of the water. If you do experience such side effects, increase your water intake to get rid of toxins faster. You should also cut back on the colloidal water.

It is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers to take colloidal silver water. It has in fact been found to aid the development of unborn babies. It does not produce free radicals or disturb enzyme activity. Neither does it react with other drugs you may be taking. The Environmental Protection Agency Poison Control Center has not posted any toxicity listing of this product.

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