When you follow a step-by-step method you can learn how to draw cartoon characters as good as a professional. What gives a drawing that comic book look is its simplicity. This style of illustration captures the essence of the human form, animals and objects by using simple lines and basic shapes. When drawing people, exaggerating certain features is an important aspect of this style. Fortunately, there are many fine books, websites, and videos that can help you.

Capturing people's faces in an illustration is an entertaining talent. When done correctly, a face will communicate feelings and emotions. Not all of the story is told in words. The facial expression and bodily gestures also tell the story. The best illustrators know how to read body language. The goal is to capture the range of human emotions with a few simple tricks.

The best approach is to break down the image into component parts. These smaller pieces consist of simple shapes and lines. They are shapes that everyone is familiar with, like rectangles, ovals, and triangles. You put these shapes together step-by-step. Many tutorials and art teachers use this approach successfully.

Each component of the face and the human body can be deconstructed into basic lines and shapes. With comic illustrations, certain parts of the face are exaggerated. Noses, ears, whiskers and other parts of the body are made slightly grotesque and extreme. There are old tricks that artists have used for centuries that help express surprise, fear, anger and other emotions on the human face. These tricks are not difficult to learn.

A few supplies are necessary. You will need a pencil, a sharpener, some paper, a felt tip pen and and an eraser. A great exercise is to copy popular comic characters that you know well. Examine the shapes and lines carefully and try to reproduce them as best as you can. Break down the picture into basic shapes and lines.

The pencil is used to make the basic shapes and lines. Then you can go over the pencil drawing with the pen making sure to only use ink on those parts you want to keep. Finally, the lines that you do not want to keep are erased carefully. This type of illustrating is formulaic. If you follow the steps, the end result should be satisfactory.

Technically, drawing people in a comic book style is called caricature. The most common examples of the caricature style are political cartoons and satire. It exaggerates a person's distinguishing features. So a person with a big nose has an extra big nose in the picture. This style also employs archetypes. An archetype is a universally recognized personality. Some examples of an archetype would be the boss at work, a drunk in a bar, a shrew wife berating a henpecked husband, or a dumb but sexy blond woman.

You do not need to be an artistic genius to learn how to draw cartoon characters. Following a step-by-step instruction course is enough for most people. Looking at caricatures and studying the work of great cartoonists can teach you a lot. After you learn the basics, it should not take long before you will be inventing your own comic personalities.

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