Fishing cheap oakley sunglasses uninitiated is estimated to be unfamiliar. Fishing is also glasses? Of insiders, however, is in a familiar, however, because anglers fishing glasses can help to more easily find the movements of fish, but also to protect the eyes.
Fishing glasses are generally made with polarized lenses protect the eyes, especially when you engage in water sports or fishing. The light waves will be transferred in one direction when the wind blows, shaking the water waves will continue to reflective glare, damage to the eyes than usual conditions particularly strong. The polarized lens is to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon; it will be a special filter membrane is sandwiched in the lens, in order to filter out the reflected glare. Meanwhile, polarized lenses also has a good was like effect. This phenomenon is most evident in the shallow water fishing. Viewed through the lens of the fish swimming in the water, you can clearly distinguish its trajectory, and thus will not cause confusion because of similar color.
In the choice of fishing glasses, two colors of cheap oakleys lenses are better. Amber lenses, this lens are suitable for use in autumn and winter, and can also be used when fishing near the beach or low-light situations. Amber lens in case of bad weather, with the best, cloudy, rainy, fog or snow, light mainly glaucoma, glaucoma predisposes eye fatigue and amber lens to effectively eliminate this bright. Another brown lens, this lens is suitable for wearing in the hot sun. Brown lenses can be blocked by a red light.
For fishing glasses photochromic lenses also began to production. When exposed to light, this lens will absorb and dim light stopped automatically fade Fuming. Color glasses can be described as the ideal outdoor spectacles of fishing people, because this makes fishing glasses more comprehensive protection, while in the process of using a more simple and easy. Otherwise, its price is more expensive than similar products, but the price is still pretty high. Light color discount oakley sunglasses not only a broad range of application, and the entire process is reversible discoloration, does not produce the 'fatigue' phenomenon.