Outdoor gloves look while not important equipment, but actually in the winter outdoor activities, its role should not be underestimated. In outdoor activities from a comfortable pair of cheap north face gloves to mix the wild outdoors through, climbing activities will play a vital role, especially with the advent of winter, in cold weather, and hands warm and comfortable directly determines the comfort of the human body. In outdoor sports, jungle crossing, climbing, skiing and other activities in the wild project requires hand pole holding the alpenstock, climbing jungles, such as rocks and snow sliding rod with challenging projects, are extremely dependent on the hand control and grip. In particular, the physical activity large cases, hands will sweat, become wet, resulting in decreased catch grip, thereby affecting the safety of outdoor activities. A pair of waterproof and moisture permeable, strong, flexible and warm your fingers grasping force performance of gloves is very necessary. What about how to choose an outdoor gloves people reporters recently interviewed outdoor information networks of experts, their recommendations are considered from four aspects:
First, the preferred outdoor glove fabric is GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material, it has waterproof, breathable, tear-resistant features, to always keep the gloves table dry, and cashmere material should have a very good soft, breathable and warm features and anti-pilling, of course fabric should have a very good mechanical resistance.
Secondly, the discount north face glove Palm should anti-sliding wear-resistant anti-slip rubber lined leather or leather materials, to increase friction and adhesion. Gloves should be scalable and flexible close to the fingers of the hand movement, fingers bend fabric, ergonomic finger bending design. Glove Palm should anti-sliding wear-resistant anti-slip rubber lined leather or leather materials, to increase friction and adhesion.
In addition, natural wrist gloves should have flexibility to tighten the design and use of professional waterproof zippers, gloves, wrist mouth should also be lengthened design. This would both prevent foreign bodies and snow grains into the glove, while also enhancing gloves windproof to keep warm.
Finally, in order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities, outdoor wrist gloves should be designed with buckle and strap, gloves off, wear, can reduce the probability of lost gloves. In addition, the heat resistance of the glove material should also possess the necessary in order to prevent the donkeys when ready to cook side dishes, stove does not burn when fetching gloves.
In practical outdoor activities because of too-thick gloves against the action in donkey, nor to operate camera, is too thin and unable to keep warm, because drying than cotton fiber is very low, so use cotton gloves in outdoor activities is not desirable. So according to the actual situation of their own choice to a pair of portable and skid-proof wear-resistant, waterproof, breathable, warm gloves, better protect their hands. For example, a double-layer waterproof warm gloves, designed like a charge distribution can wear cheap north face jackets , innermost cashmere gloves can remove single, very easy and comfortable to use, able to adapt to the seasons and the different environments.