Jackets different fabrics with ordinary clothing fabrics, so cheap north face Jackets washed way also with ordinary clothes washing methods differ, the Jackets two areas easily damaged during the washing process, a caulking strip in the wash after unglued, and second tend to lose the clothes surface water repellent treatment after washing. The Jackets generally break up the wash and machine wash in two ways, the Qing Yang Jackets manufacturer to introduce both washing method.
, Jackets washing
Machine wash:
1, the drum-type washing machine, this washing machine washing principle is to use the drum clothes clean the clothes to the height and then dropping, using the slap forces.
2, the vertical cylinder type washing machines, this washing machine washing principle is the use of stand underneath the tank, the trackwheel stir the water clothes implement stir screwed clean.
3 large, industrial washing machines, this washing machine torque is very strong, and definitely not recommended.
Hand wash: many of my friends think that the Hand wash most protective clothing In fact, in rubs the process, especially re-use aids (such as washboard), is the greatest harm to clothes.
In summary, the drum type washing machine is the best way to wash cheap north face jackets to protect therefore strongly recommends the use of a drum-type washing machine washing Caulking class clothes. If the home only legislation cylinder washing machine, it does not matter, low-torque gear select vertical cylinder washing machine. The machine washable Never on Jackets drying.
Secondly, we analyze the cleaners, here recommended Jackets choose to use a neutral liquid detergent washing. First, the liquid detergent compared to washing powder, green multi. Efficient and neutral liquid detergent cleaning. Also has a protective effect on the clothes. Jackets must not use bleach classes detergent for cleaning.
Third, and finally, to talk about dry. Jackets before drying, do not conduct exposure should hang to dry in the shade, hanging attention to the clothes flattened. When completely dry clothes can be placed in the sun to dry in the sun, can be effective sterilization.
Jackets how to care for
Jackets after each washing should be ironing here not in order to get rid of wrinkles, but to restore the water repellent function of clothes. The ironing must pay attention to choose low-temperature cashmere or nylon gear ironing, is the lowest temperature that block. Do not stay too long in one place, especially at the seams taped. Directly the ironing clothes outer surface, do not ironing clothes inside the waterproof coating.
Tip: Jackets should be conducted in each washed three times after spraying a water repellent agent. Which is conducive to the surface Jackets (pants) are not in the rain, when water seepage.
How? After the jacket washing with discount north face jackets maintenance knowledge, not to himself a small abacus?