For all those who need screen printing Kansas city should be their first, if not final stop. The bustling metro hosts some of the best printers in the United States, and the results of their labor can be found on t-shirts, posters and paintings around the country. This ancient art form is thought to have been invented by the Chinese and Japanese at around 500 AD.

Knowledge about serigraphy spread very slowly, finally touching European shores in the eighteenth century. Even then, the art form was not widely practiced for a long time due to limited supplies of silk. Screen printing eventually crossed the Atlantic, and became the basis for Andy Warhol's famous print of Marilyn Monroe. Technological advances have consistently breathed new life into this old art form, and it remains one of the most popular printing methods in the world.

This popularity is based on several reasons, the most notable being the art form's versatility. It can be used on a small scale by an artist who needs only a few prints, or it can be adapted for use in a large printing business. Serigraphy is also a cheaper than other printing methods, making it possible for businesses to keep costs low, and profit margins attractive. This is what makes screen printing so ubiquitous; this holds true whether one is in Lilongwe or Tokyo.

The technology's attraction also lies in its adaptability; it can be used to print on a variety of materials. These range from glass, fabric, paperboard to glass and a variety of plastics. Serigraphy can also be used to print on a material of any shape, thickness or size, a characteristic that makes it attractive to marketers and advertisers, and also stamps its superiority over a large number of alternative printing methods.

A lot of people are familiar with the striking three dimensional prints on some T-shirts, hats and other items; these are made by using a thicker layer of ink than usual, a process made possible by screen printing. Very few alternative printing technologies can do this. It is also much easier to apply ink using serigraphy as compared to other methods. This has motivated specialists to develop a wide range of colors for screen printing.

All printing presses, whether large or small have at least three things in common; a squeegee, ink and a screen. The latter is the most important part of any press as it carries the image to be printed. The picture, also known as a stencil can be made manually, or by using complex photochemical techniques. The initial image is supplied by a client or created by the printer. The screen has to be wrapped tightly around a frame crafted out of wood or metal in order to give consistent results.

It should be noted that screens and some of the chemicals used can be reclaimed and reused. This can save a company a great deal of money. According to one estimate, this can amount to ten thousand dollars per year.

While manual presses are still used by smaller outfits, large organizations use sophisticated and automated printers. The most common of these are the flat bed machines, loved for their ruggedness, reliability, low maintenance costs among other virtues. Cylinder and rotary printers are also in common use. The use of such equipment makes it possible to make a large number of items very quickly. When it comes to screen printing Kansas City should top everyone's list.

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