The Dallas Cowboys got pummeled by the New Orleans Saints on Sunday 49-17. The Saints are a good team, but no one should ever win by that much in the NFL. The Cowboys are reeling, but they have this bye week to help them make the changes needed to come out on top in their next game; a division matchup with the New York Giants.

The statline that stands out the most from the Cowboys/Saints game is Dez Bryant's two targets for one 44-yard reception. Talent like Bryant cannot be underutilized if the Cowboys plan to make anything happen on offense. Do you recall his sideline tantrum against the Lions a few weeks ago? That happened because Romo wasn't throwing the ball Bryant's way while he was double-covered. Bryant's argument was that Romo can throw it his way whether he is double-covered or not. 

Against the Saints, things were a little different. On every down, Bryant had two defenders jamming him at the line. He was taken completely out of the game. The simple solution, however was for the boys to put him in the slot or put him in motion. The one time Bryant played in the slot he caught his only pass of the day for a big gain. If Bryant starts getting the ball, and Witten starts catching like he usually does, the Cowboys' offense will be rolling.

Come cheer them on live. Cowboys tickets for the Thanksgiving game against the Raiders start at just $45. Maybe you'll get to see Dez Bryant hit his late-season stride!