The unthinkable happened on Sunday in MetLife Stadium. Whatever ritual fans did worked because the Giants have now won 4 games in a row.

However, let's be realistic now. There are 2 teams the Giants have to knock out of the way. The game where it all comes down to is this Sunday's game versus the Dallas Cowboys. With the Eagles on a bye week, there will be another tie but this time, for second place and a perfect opportunity for the Giants to take advantage and advance in the standings. The NFC East is definitely a fan of ties this season.

No offense Jets fans but be happy that the Giants won because the headlines would've been all about Geno Smith.

For the first time this season, viewers saw a different Eli Manning during Sunday's game. He looked determined and looked like his old self. Sure there still were some errors made but let's focus on the positivity and not the negativity. Eli completed 25 of 35 passes. He also started this game with the season's worst record of 16 interceptions and thankfully only threw one pick against the Packers.

During Sunday's game, all I kept seeing was Jordy Nelson for the Packers. He was making catches that left you puzzled. But when Jason Pierre Paul made that interception, Nelson virtually disappeared off the field for me. One can’t help but wonder if the outcome of the game had been different had Aaron Rodgers been playing quarterback. In case you forgot, Rodgers was recently injured earlier this month.

Sunday's showdown versus the Cowboys is where it really counts. So much is at stake. The Giants faced the Cowboys during the home opener and that game was horrendous.

A win this Sunday will mean a tie for second place. The Cowboys have been playing decent football all season. Don't expect anything less from this game. But if you're a fan of either, your mind is already made up on who will be winning the game. If the Giants offense is looking for game to come out and show who they are, this is the game to do so.