Senior night is a time where players in college basketball are being honored for their time at their respective colleges. From the walk on to the best-known name on the team they are all honored for their time playing basketball for their university. In Gainesville the Gators honored the seniors Mike Rosario, Kenny Boynton and Erik Murphy for their time in Gainesville when they played the Vanderbilt Commodores on March 6th. When one looks back at their careers one could say their names could be put into Gator History.

It was just four year ago Florida was not ranked and not had gone to a dance in two years. Going into that season the Gators gained two new prospects Erik Murphy and Kenny Boynton the number two in the land according to ESPN high school rankings only to behind number 1 player John Wall. It was during that season that Kenny Boynton started to show sparks of what he was and as for Murphy it was his job to sit and watch Vernon Macklin and Alex Tyus. You knew the NIT years were over when the Gators made it to the dance to play BYU but on that night the gators took a lose thanks to Jimmer Ferdette and although they lost Kenny Boynton had one of his best nights as freshman by scoring 27 points. That Night many announcers believed that Kenny Boynton would be one and done and go to the NBA but he proved them wrong and decided to stay. A year later the Gators shocked the SEC and the announcers when they won the SEC and made to the elite eight and were this close to making it to the final four if only they could keep their lead. It was also during that season that Erik had to sit and watch again on the bench and was thinking about transferring until he had sit down with coach Donovan who convinced him to stay. It was also during that season that Mike Rosario transferred to the Gator and had to wait a year to play.  During the 2011-2012 season the Gators did it again and made it to the elite eight with stellar player from Kenny Boynton and Erik Murphy who finally got his chance to start and boy did he shine that season. As for Mike Rosario he found himself coming in garbage time but he didn’t care because somewhere along the line he knew it would pay off.

This season Kenny Boynton , Erik Murphy And Mike Rosario have kept on Improving which led the gators to an SEC regular season championship , a perfect home record and the number one seed in the SEC tournament. When all is set done Kenny Boynton will be remembered for his records breaking in points and memorable threes. As for Erik Murphy he will be remembered as the big man who could shoot three and lastly Mike Rosario will be remembered for his defense and threes. At the end of the day these seniors have made sure their names will be remembered and etched into Gator history and I am sure the last two thing they want to check off their list of their college career is to win the SEC tournament and to NCAA championship.