Boise, ID, 19-JAN-2013 - Home Helpers of Boise, Idaho provides individuals the affordable home care service solutions that allow them to maintain their independence while receiving the help they need. The Boise home care team works closely with clients to ensure that they receive the level of care they need whether it is a few visits a week or 24/7 care.

When interviewed recently, a spokesperson for Home Helpers of Boise shared the commitment to helping clients stay in their homes and maintain their independence. "Our goal is to provide the level of care that keeps a person active and independent. We make sure that the caregiver is compatible with the client and is trained to meet their unique needs. Home care plans are designed to be flexible and change as the needs of the client change. We strive to be the extended family that may not have time or be close enough to help clients on a regular basis."

Home Helpers of Boise offer a wide variety of services to clients in their home, retirement community, or other location. As one of the top care-giving companies in the US and Canada, they strive to maintain the highest levels of quality service and ensure that clients receive the care they need on a consistent basis. The staff and caregivers maintain personal contact with clients, with their happiness a top priority.

After meeting with clients in their home, the representative matches the caregiver who can provide the type of services desired with the client. The company works closely with clients to make their home care solutions affordable and provides important information about the steps to take when dealing with insurance companies. Clients are given both a primary and backup caregiver so there is never a stranger in your home.

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Home Helpers of Boise, Idaho

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