The hole in one contest is a kind of event or can be known as an add-on to an event or tournament. The golfers attempt to make Hole-In-One and the winner takes away a brand new car or million dollars. Hole-In-One contests are generally organized to raise fund for charity. They get fit in the professional or amateur tournaments. Most exciting moments can be witnessed during the play. Hole-In-One can give an outstanding publicity because of the prizes which are offered. Sometimes, the price can include new cars and a large amount of money.

For the golfers, Hole-In-One is extremely rare but an involvement of luck and their skills decide the results. In the tournament, a golfer gets the chance to win prize on every Par-3 hole on the golf course. Because of the popularity of Hole-in-One, golf players expect to add this event to every tournament to try their luck.

If you are also planning to organize an event and willing to put an add-on like Hole In One Insurance, it is easy to do. No tournament is complete without prizes. You will have to offer a Hole-In-One prize and you have to make tournament prize insurance for the prize. These prizes play a major role in getting attention. And hole in one insurance makes the organizer free from the stress of paying the prize amount. Insurance covers everything in tournament up to 1 million dollars. The insurance industries provide secure and high quality services.

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