This is a historic day as HockeyNewsCentral (HNC) and HockeyFanLand (HFL) would like to take this time to announce affiliation with one another! Affiliation means more hockey content than ever for our passionate fans that love the sport of hockey as much as we do!

Partnership between HockeyNewsCentral and HockeyFanLand simply means content sharing. More news, blogs, photos, videos and much more will be published on respective sites.

HockeyFanLand is owned by Landon Ewaniuk who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has owned the website since March of 2010. His favorite hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers and he has season tickets to the game. He went to school at Eastglen High School and Grant McEwan Univeristy.

HockeyNewsCentral is owned by Adam Santic who lives in Davenport, Iowa. He...