s strong dint forward Fu Luo thunder Si crest at most before, or so side Feng respectively is Ba Su who originally beats offensive advanced position much and wave the Mu wear, in addition to your name custom nfl jerseys jerseys the guard member is strange to pull Wei especially, Zhu Qiu "acquaint with" most of"water buffalo" Sa virtuous fruit not it however of emergence at ex- position of the waist up.

Start to such an aggression and conceal center forward the after death the most dangerous cutthroat, Zhu Qiu and Anne are fat lead of Milan, can't present to public the performance opportunity of "moment 180 degrees turn round to shoot ball at goal" for him again, add benefit, Er Betty Ni even is this game is Ma Er Di Ni of the Wei in the freedom, all the person that this ball particularly mention, Be specially "take care of" object.

Though with substitute to repair a war, European ball team good military tactics cultivated manners, and medium the field battle out to up own of the advantage on the number, make to compete a to come up, the Milan acquired the advantage on the condition.

Controled to control the Milan of ball power advantage, according to before the match the military tactics of the coach decoration intention, cut off thin Er of Sa Si gradually three virtuous small of the backs and front waist Sa the contact of the virtuous, lose powerful support of the Sa is virtuous, became "Gu soldier" of coulding not take the ball, "shell surname" including two side Fengs takes the offensive a combination, have to be forced back to withdraw medium field, strengthen win battling out of field.

Zhu Qiu on the grandstand, the Rao has"point out" of interest one side of the madder madder and Ba Er reaches a promise and follows the direction of his finger to hope:That bedlamite coach shell Er Sa, again the present side started him that be like have no head the fly sort didn't stop of"fold to return to walk".

Obviously prepare than the opponent of more"full" and more the Milan of "its never thought that", beating on coming up opponent one is caught unprepared, if not that status general forward Ma Sa Luo, passed up the opportunity that a broad sword breaks a door, probably the score on the field has been already rewrited.Although don't get a goal on some in powers of condition, however being more worried now, should being that presenting side the shell Er of"stop not to come down" already Sa.

Is unique make Zhu Qiu some to worry of BE, that Columbia judges to be like Tao poker, a short while takes out little Huang Pai "show"s for a while, whole, Milan some puzzlingly ate four yellow cards, this said towards still having 45 minutes of second half field coming, wasn't a good matter

" The Er shell give(Ba Er Da's promise), I remember that your player's ages seems to have never taken part in a Toyota cup?"Make use of intermission, Zhu Qiu asks a way to Ba Er Da's promise.

"Oh, yes, this is also regarded as my player's career a little very small regret H'm, quite good, I feel the Toyota cup in nowadays and seem to be in need of the atmosphere for competing inter-continental cup that I saw in childhood."Expecting the answer that the Er reaches a promise is real.

(Note:The Toyota cup was established in 1980, the inter-continental cup is its precursor, different from Toyota cup, inter-continental cup adoption of is a host and guest field two round match systems)

"What you point is the main field of the ball team atmosphere?Be like be successfully constructed by us here now Milan lord is the field similar?"

"I think to be yes, this of the Toyota cup is an exception, because here became red and black ocean, here solemnly became our main field however discount customized nfl jerseys and this competes we own of main the field atmosphere is again incompletely similar, custom nfl after all here am one main field that the our emulation, replication comes out atmosphere, I think with saint western Luo's main field the atmosphere is compared with, should still your name jerseys have a very great dissimilarity."

For the analysis of Ba Er Da's promise, Zhu Qiu deeply agrees and really still far and far can not compare with saint here west Luo, not is say the number of support is much notter enough, but precipitating of football, club and fan culture, two