If you are having problems with your existing windows, you have to call a good wooden windows London company for help. A provider called Wooden Window Workshop offers countrywide service exposure with services that range from simple sash cord replacement, full sash window manufacture and draught proofing. This service is a well-known specialist in refurbishment and repair of original box sash window-frames and casements.

If you would like to retain your original wall opening fixture and have it repaired instead of replacing it, you can count on their specialist to do it. If saving the existing units is out of the question, they are capable of doing an exact replica of the original. They have the expertise to asses if the complete old window assembly could be saved or decide which parts can be salvaged from it.

The Wooden Window Workshop is a concern that has many years of proven working expertise that you can be safe with. It would be of a good note that the company receives a lot of calls for second opinion from people who want to save and repair the original window sash assembly. The findings from other contractors recommend replacement of the whole assembly which can cost a lot of money.

The original classic sash windows that you may have could be restored by them either thru repair or just maybe retro fitting with double glazed sidings that will keep the cold out. It will still come out cheaper that replacing the whole unit with new wood. Time and weather has aged your existing wood on the window assembly and it will be more durable than the replacement wood that will be used.

Try to keep the rustic and antique window fixtures for that added value to your home. The windows add that certain character to the whole house and the wood that was used has withstood the ravages of time. Your existing lumber will definitely be more durable than that if you replace it with the new type of wood which is softer.

A second opinion will not hurt your pocket especially if you are not happy with a quote and recommendation of replace your whole window assembly. For all you know it, a little tender care is only what is needed. The Wooden Window Workshop will gladly give you that second opinion needed to save some serious cash.

The company was established in 1985 and their prolonged existence is due to the fact that their business ethics and good values have never changed thru the years. Restoration and repair is their advocacy and because of it, they have good feedback. Even when quoting on replacements, you can be sure that their pricing will be competitive.

The wooden windows London company is your partner in retaining that original appearance of your house. The advice of the specialist of the Wooden Window Workshop will be a great help in your decision making process. Call them so that they can inspect your wall openings and tell you what need to be done.