On Thursday night, my high school team had an away game one hour away, and it was against arguably the best program in the conference. We went up there and both my JV and Varsity teams lost, but both of us could have won our games if a few things went our way. My brothers, also part of the varsity team, were torn apart by this defeat, because this may end up costing us the conference championship.

It was a horrible night, and the only thing we had that could possibly up our spirits was a win by the Fighting Illini. This was expected to be a win for Illinois, but, of course, Illinois always seems to play down to the opponents level.

But not Thursday night.

Illinois came out and shot 84% in the the first half, and finished the game shooting a school-record 70.5%.

They beat the Wildcats, 88-63, in a game that had six Illinois players finish with double figures.

It was an amazing performance by the Illini, and we can only hope to contunie to do this in hope if winning a Big Ten conference title.