“ Better or Worse Here comes Kong”

Well after months of back and forth about how unstable she is and whether she tried to commit suicide, AwesomeAmazing  Kong has put her name on a WWE contract  and is headed to the big show . To any one who reads me on a regular enough basis ,you know that I am a big fan of Kong and hope that she can do for the Diva’s in the WWE what she and Gail Kim did for the TNA Knockouts. Based on recent history with WWE creative , IE the whole releasing  Kaval

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  because they didn’t have anything for him to do, I’m not at all encouraged about her chances but still being hopeful that it will work out I would like to throw my two cents in .

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Right off the bat, unless there is a legitimate medical reason , she does not need to lose  weight. If she chooses to that is another story but just because she doesn’t fit the Diva mold , don’t try and make her into something she isn’t . they don’t need any more bitchy beauties they need women who can mix it up and not worry about breaking a nail or losing an extension . 

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Next , let her talk for god sake . The one big mistake TNA made with Kong was they never let her cut Promo’s. Believe you me there is enough tape out on you tube of her on the mic  that makes it clear she can talk. She may need a tweaking  but the more she works at it the better she will get

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