We all know that Alex Henery is good. If he'd done nothing more than kick that field goal against Colorado in 2008 his place in Husker lore would be secure but he has done more. Last year he was definitely Nebraska's offensive MVP despite not really playing offense. In his first season he was perfect (8-8 FG, 45-45 XP). What will it be this season?

A whole lot of record breaking.

Here are the kicking records Henery already holds. He's got the longest field goal in school history as mentioned above. He was the most accurate kicker of extra points (min. 80 attempts) heading into last season at 99.0% and he improved by going 38 of 38 to reach 99.2%. Henery holds the record for most consecutive field goals to start a career (12) and he's also the most accurate field goal kicker in school...

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