Although Hell In A Cell is a few weeks away, it is never too early to give out your predictions. These are my predictions for Hell in A cell after watching both Raw and Smackdown this week.


1. United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (C) V.S Brodus Clay


Brodus Clay has been dominate as of late, and has beaten Heath Slater in the latest Monday Night Raw. Antonio Cesaro came for commentary and bashed Clay with No Mercy. I wonder how this feud turns out when Hell In A Cell ( HIAC) turns around.


2.  Intercontinental Championship: Miz (C) V.S Ryback


The behemoth who loves meat has gotten a new feud with a former Wrestlemania main eventer, The Miz. The Miz is awesome, but has a non awesome opponent known as Ryback. Ryback is an undefeated beast who demand to eat more and move up the food chain. Can beating Miz and gaining the IC Title do just that?


3. Divas Championship: Eve (C) V.S Layla


Layla gets her automatic rematch against Eve. Its gonna be intresting how this one plays out in the end.


4.  Tag Team Championship: Kane and Daniel Bryan (C) V.S Primetime Playas


The PTP were cheated out of a tag match by AJ LEE. Expect Booker T to give them a match at HIAC


5. WHC: Sheamus (C) V.S Big Show


Dirt sheets have it that Big Show will return with a major push and face sheamus for his prestigious strap.


6. Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow V.S Flying Burritos ( Rey and Sin Cara).

Cody Rhodes has an obsession with mask and has made an ally with the intellectual Mr Damian Sandow. These two shall fight against the burritos in an exciting matchup.


7. WWE: C.M Punk (c) V.S Mystery


With Cena out for six weeks, punk needs an opponent to go over, so that punk looks credible over his survivor series matchup against Big Super John Cena