Safety first. This is the credo you must follow if you're into high speeds. Be it roller-coaster rides or high-paced racing, it doesn't make a difference, head and neck restraints are used everywhere. Where there's extremely fast movement, they are there to ensure the safety of passengers, professional drivers or enthusiasts alike.

Having those restraints is an absolute undeniable must. If the body is not protected, it can suffer very grave consequences that can even lead to death. Moving in high speeds puts the body under a pressure known as g-force. G means gravity and uses numbers for measurement. G2 stands for double the gravitational force people experience everyday; G3 stands for triple that amount and so forth. If the gravitational pressure is too high, so is the risk of suffering damages.

For example, a pilot of a jet engine plane is put under so much pressure that without protection he can lose his life. When going on a ride in an amusement park, the body is also subject to that kind of pressure. Yes, the pressure from a roller-coaster is not the same as the one from a plane. The neck would be seriously damaged unless restricted from moving. You can damage your head as well. It could even lead to a damaged spinal column.

It is interesting to know how these very important gadgets work. The concept is actually pretty simple. They get wrapped or fastened around your neck in order to keep it from moving around. This keeps the head in place as well. By doing this, both the neck and head is kept from waving around during a high speed roller-coaster ride or in a racing car.

There are different types of designs for different purposes. The models used in roller-coaster rides are different from the ones used in racing. The models on planes are different as well. Each type of restraint is aimed at being both comfortable and ensuring security at the same time.

The protective devices found on a roller-coaster are fixed to the seats; they get lowered and placed on the shoulders of the passenger, keeping them from falling off their seat and also make sure that the neck and head are held in place. Racers use a combination of a helmet and protectors directly attached to their backs to ensure safe driving. Racing cars use special seat belts to keep drivers in place.

Jet airplanes work in a different manner regarding neck protection. The devices used in planes are specially crafted to ensure safety in the face of extreme g-force pressure. The amount of pressure that is put on a person when a jet plane breaks through the sound barrier in high speed is unbelievable. That's why models used in such situations are a lot more complicated than the ones used in racing and theme park rides.

Head and neck restraints are very important, they can save your life. Without them people wouldn't be able to survive such huge speeds and pressure. If it weren't for these amazing devices, a lot of great physical feats would be simply impossible.

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