In a few weeks, we will be entering a truly magical season for THE USC Gamecocks. Coach Spurrier is within 9 games of Rex Enright's all-time win record. Who is Rex Enright? Rex coached back in the 1940s and 1950s for 15 years to create that record when all that was really was required was to beat Clemson---which he received a Cadillac for accomplishing this feat the first time. To put Coach Spurrier's wins in perspective against all USC coaches.

Lou Holtz and Jim Carlen were tied for the most wins over a 4-year period at 27 wins. Coach Spurrier just did that over the previous 3-year period. 

Fabled coach Joe Morrison had the most wins over a 5-year period at 34. Coach Spurrier just did that over the previous 4-year period. 

Jim Carlen had the most wins over a 6-year period at 39. Coach Spurrier has 40 wins over the previous 5-year period.

So, when the haters start talking about how the HBC has lost his edge like they did at the beginning of last year, just let them know that he will be THE winningest coach at THE USC Gamecocks before the end of the season...and has NEVER had a losing season with the Gamecocks.   Go Cocks!!