Last nights WBA World Heavyweight title bout between David Haye and Audley Harrison was a disappointment. There was a lot of build up for this fight, and Audley Harrison was unable to back up his trash talk, only land ing one punch in the whole fight. Harrison was delusional thinking he could win this fight. The first two rounds of the fight there was basically no punches thrown but Audley "Fraudley" looked like a fish out of water. David Haye's trainer Adam Booth told him the boos that filled the MEN in Manchester and Haye won the fight to retain his title in third by TKO. Haye could have finished the fight when he wanted, he claimed he had a lot of money on the third round and told his friends and family it would finnish in the third. All credit to Audley for getting up after being knocked down and not just staying down which would have been easier. After all of the build up for this fight for it to end in the third and for Harrison to act as a walking punch bag only throwing one punch was not worth the money on pay-per-view, the undercard fight between George Groves and Kenny Anderson was more entertaining. Harrison was a good sales man for this fight though in his interviews claiming his left hand would knock David Haye out, if so where was his left hand? David Haye sparked controversy when he said, the fight would be, "as one sided as gang rape." And it would be a "public execution." David Haye embarrassed Audley Harrison last night. Harrison's career is effectively over after last nights performance no one can take his olympic gold medal away from him but he was never going to be a world champion.