Just like that, Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway.  I want to take a quick look back at Round 1 for minute to go over a couple things.

What did we learn?  Well, I learned that no lead is safe in the playoffs.  Was there any finish more exciting than the Boston Toronto series?  Probably not if you're a Leafs fan but that was insane.  Just when Leafs fans were making arrangements for their 2nd round games, the Bruins stormed back from 3 down to send it to overtime and eventually win to advance in game 7.  A finish for the ages.

The other series, not so amazing.  The Rangers came out and wiped the Caps to the tune of 5-0.  Henrik Lundqvist again established that he is the premier goaltender in the NHL.  It's not even close.  But the Rags are going to need a lot more than him if they're to advance past the Bruins.  They too have a solid stopper in the net.  I got Boston in 6.

We also learned that the Penguins are beatable.  Unfortunately, the Isles backstop Evgeny Nabokov had maybe his worst 6 game spurt since joining the team.  In my eyes, the Isles outplayed the Pens in 4 out of the 6, but came out on the losing end.  Any Isles fan can also point the finger at Marty Reasoner for game 1 and Brian Strait who had a horrible series.  I am yet to understand why coach Capuano felt he must have Strait in the lineup when he came back from his injury when the Isles were riding a 13 game streak in which they only allowed 2 goals or less.  Why rock the boat?

We learned the Canucks are once again playoff flops that still have a goaltending soap opera.  We learned the Kings have a shot at repeating.  We learned the Red Wings are still the Red Wings despite not having a leader like Nik Lidstrom or Steve Yzerman.  We learned the Chicago Blackhawks are still playing as well as they were during the regular season.  Minnesota learned money doesn't always buy the Cup, after spewing out cash in the form of 2 huge free agent deals.

And last but not least, we learned the officiating in this league is still very shaky.

I recorded a little audio piece.  Afterwards, i listened and realized it wasn't as in depth as i would've liked it to have been, and, working alone is very different than working with a partner.  That being said, here's the link if ya feel like a short listen.  It's not a direct link, you have to copy and paste it into your browser.


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