The food and beverage industry has a very high failure rate. A huge number of new businesses open their doors every year, only to fail very quickly. One of the best ways to ensure success is to work with experienced restaurant consulting services. These professionals will help to make the business a success and keep the customers coming back for more.

When any new eatery opens, people are always curious and willing to give it a try. What every owner must understand is that they are being judged from the moment the customers drive into the parking lot. Guests expect a spacious and well lit area, with good quality paving. No one wants to have to wait for a parking space or step through puddles to get to the door. Access for wheel chair uses and those who cannot walk far must also be considered.

A good consulting service will be able to advise their clients about all aspects of the business. One of the best strategies to use is a mystery shopper. These are people who work as consultants and go to the restaurant without notice. As far as the staff know they are just another customer. The consultant will be able to critique every aspect of their performance, from friendliness to the quality of the food.

The consultant will pose as a regular customer and this gives them the opportunity to evaluate every aspect of the food and service. They will not such factors as how quickly they were shown to a table, how soon their server came over, how long before their order was taken. Additional factors such as friendliness of the staff and their knowledge of the menu are also important.

The dining room must be spotless and the table set with clean linen and silver wear. Staff should be trained to approach the table quickly and take a drink order. They must then give the guests time to look over the menu and be available to answer any questions and make recommendations. It is important for the servers to really know the menu and be able to describe each dish accurately. They must also offer additional items such as desserts and coffee. This is known as up selling and is an important factor in the success of the business.

The food is very important and should be freshly cooked to order. Any problems with the quality or presentation of the dish should be brought to the attention of the kitchen right away. Customers are often upset when their food arrives and it is not how it was described on the menu.

No customer should every leave the restaurant unhappy. If a mistake was made it is best to apologize immediately and offer some type of free gift. This may be an after dinner drink or free dessert. A gift certificate is a nice way to keep people coming back and give the place a second chance to impress the guests.

It goes without saying that the food should be excellent. Everything must be fresh and cooked to order. Yet even good food will not make up for poor service or a bad atmosphere. Restaurant consulting services are the best way to spot problems early and correct them right away. Keeping everything running well is the most effective way to make the customers happy and keep them coming back again and again.

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