On December 20, 2008, i was a Baltimore Ravens employee who had some time to kill after finishing a project for the team. I was in my thoughts about the previous game, and wanted to display my thoughts in a public forum. I had done so before on Fox Sports blog community but that was awhile ago. I needed a fresh page, a new start. Something that didn’t put me in a cluster with other bloggers. I created a blogspot site called thenflchick.blogspot.com. 


I remember my first was about Joe Flacco and how he played. I wanted to talk about the  last game and previous what was to be expected in the next game. It was an avenue for me that I never thought in a million years would turn into what it has. I bought a logo from a friend and dropped the “blogspot” off and born was thenflchick.com.


I remember my first media event like it was yesterday. It was a Operation CAMO event at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Former Ravens coach Brian Billick was the host and he discussed sending care packages to our troops overseas. We talked about the cause and then got into straight into football. My mood went from nervous to natural in seconds. Talking football was easy for me. It was then that I knew that this was what I was made for. 


Since my first post 5 years ago, I’ve had some great opportunities that I never expected along my blogging journey. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview some of my favorite players and coaches. Some of NFL’s most powerful figures. Take part in the  world’s largest events in the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. I’ve been brought on as a NFL analyst on numerous outlets, including local radio and TV, SI.com, a mention on Ebony.com as well as a national spot on “News One Now” with Roland Martin. 



Along my journey, I’ve met so many women who love football just as much as I do, thanks to social media. We wanted to make it known that women know more than the  colors on the uniforms. In 2009, myself and former blogger Joslin Lofton (aka Pigskin Loving Lady) created Gridiron Gals, a website that is dedicated for women to blog about their favorite football team. In addition to the website, we start the Gridiron Gals Kickoff Party, which is entering its 5th year and has gotten bigger and better since it’s inception.


Here I am, 5 years later and blessed to have had so many opportunities thus far. Never did I see the day where I would have met the commissioner, or sat in the media row of the NFL Draft, or attended the Beyonce press conference for the Super Bowl. The list can go on and on..... It’s truly been a blessing and I am eternally grateful. 


Thanks to everyone whose come along the ride with me or seen my talent/vision. I can’t wait for what the next 5 years has in store for me.