Score at the break: Murray State 36, Vanderbilt 32

Encouraging things from the first half

Jermaine Beal is trying to lead the charge Didn't let the game get away from them in the first Nice patchwork job at the end of the half with both Taylor and Ogilvy on the bench with two fouls Jeffery Taylor is in aggressive mode, taking it early and often to the basket Things that are bothering me B.J. Jenkins is forcing things a lot. He looks comfortable Murray State wasn't able to jump out early, which is what happens in most tournament upsets, but did build a nice 4-point lead. Can't stop penetration Can't get open looks A.J Ogilvy picked up two "cheap" fouls. I know players complain a lot, but he really didn't do that much, especially on the second I'm sitting in front of the Murray State...

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