Houston Texans

DeAndre Hopkins was better than his 27th selection warranted. Hopkins will free Andre Johnson up to much more single teams. Great move by GM Rick Smith. Ed Reed adds his ballhawking skills to an already talented secondary.

Linebacker Daryl Sharpton comes back from injury and adds athleticism alongside Brian Cushing in the middle of defense.

The Texans won't be able to survive in the playoffs, let alone reach the Super Bowl, if Schaub falls flat on his face again in January. If the Texans fail to make a lot of postseason noise, Kubiak and Schaub will mostly be gone, in 2014.

To Rick Smith and his staff's credit, this team has entered the NFL's elite, and when you enter the NFL's elite... anything less than a championship is a failure.

Best Offensive Player: Arian Foster

Best Defensive Player: J.J. Watt

Projected 2013 Record: 10-6

Indianapolis Colts

If a team possesses a franchise quarterback, they're never out. Luck broke the NFL record for most for fourth-quarter comebacks, AS A ROOKIE. Luck was the first, and only, college prospect that I've predicted to make the Hall of Fame. He is that good! He's what I call, "the Super Computer".

This team will get better as Luck gets better. Indianapolis's roster has holes just like last year's overachieving squad, but with Luck at the helm and four games against the awful Jaguars and Titans, the Colts have a good shot to get back to the playoffs.

The secondary added length and physicality by bringing Greg Toler and the hard-hitting LaRon Landry. The Colts aren't a Super Bowl contender, but the more they accomplish this season the better. This team is on track to be a contender for year's to come.

Best Offensive Player: Andrew Luck

Best Defensive Player: Vontae Davis

Projected 2013 Record: 10-6

Tennessee Titans

The Titans haven't made the playoffs since an aging Kerry Collins was their quarterback. The offense has no direction. The defense has forgotten how to stop anyone. Losing Jeff Fisher hurt this franchise in more ways than one. He expected his teams to win, and his players shared that philosophy. Mike Munchak has failed to create his own successful image with the Titans as of yet.

Tennessee has greatly improved the weak interior of their offensive line, so Chris Johnson has no more excuses. He should have his best year since he rushed for 2,000 yards.

Jeff Locker is horribly inaccurate, and the defense doesn't hold their assignments or stay disciplined.

Baring Locker and the defense both taking huge steps forward, the Titans will have another losing season.

Best Offensive Player: Michael Roos

Best Defensive Player: Akeem Ayers

Projected 2013 Record: 10-6

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Blaine Gabbert era continues. Gabbert's best receiver, Justin Blackmon, is suspended for the first four games of the season. Maurice Jones-Drew is not the great player he once was, but he will be a big plus to a team that struggled to do much of anything on offense a year ago.

Gabbert will have time to complete passes thanks to talented tackles Eugene Monroe and Luke Joeckel. Gabbert will still fail to be a competent passer because of his weak skillset and poor pocket presence.

The defense will start two rookies in the secondary. Safey Jonthan Cyprien is very talented, but this secondary will have growing pains. Cornerback Dwayne Gratz struggles in man coverage, and looks like more of a safety than a corner.

Thanks to guys like Monroe, Joeckel, Blackmon and Cecil Shorts, this Jaguars team should finish better than the Oakland Raiders.

Best Offensive Player: Eugene Monroe

Best Defensive Player: Jonathan Cyprien

Projected 2013 Record: 2-14