Invention and innovation is no new thing nowadays. Day after day there are a number of new products that are being introduced to the new market. There are certain level of standards that have to be met. On the other hand, the products have to be fully functional to ensure that the users get more hairs out of it. Vibration tests are an effective way of proving this. This is achieved by applying force to shake the device that is being tested, to prove whether it is fit enough to withstand conditions similar to the ones it will be put under when being used. Repetitive shock vibration systems are a new method of vibration test systems that has been proved to be very effective.

The system is composed of one or more pneumatic ramming mechanisms that are set near to a table. The ramming machines are connected to a digital system that gives off a burst of energy. They then hit the table and produce a vibration effect. This vibration effect may be a linear type of oscillation or a more spiral effect. The product under study is placed on the table and vibrates in tandem with the table.

The repetitive shock systems have been modified and been made digital. The advantage of the digital systems over the manual systems is that they give a very random burst of energy. This in turn gives off a more realistic type of vibration. This is because most products that will be used in the environment with vibration will experience more spontaneous vibrations as compared to the stream of vibrations given off by the other kind of test system. A digital control is also bound to give off a higher amount of energy than the previous manual control hence giving a more life like result.

Uniform energy is transmitted by these systems. This ensures that the results obtained from this test are quite accurate. The table is designed to have a high tolerance so that it can detect change in output and adjust accordingly.

Failures are found extremely fast in this kind of system. The dual strike systems will impact higher levels of energy. This will shorten the time it takes to reveal the defects of a product.

It also helps to save energy. It has dual strike transformer that gives a very high output, while using very little compressed air. This will not only save the industry a lot of money that would have been used in the compressing of the air. It is also environmentally friendly.

This kind of system is also very effective and durable. It has been tried and tested and proven to last for a minimum of five thousand hours. It is also a very modern system that has a self repair mechanism in that it will adjust its amplitude and frequency when it begins to wear.

These systems have become quite popular for their compactness and mobility. In the current world this is very important that the possessions of an industry occupy as little space as possible due to the rising cost of storage. This is quite advantageous to the firms who operate on a small space, or for those which move their things about a lot. Choose good vibration test systems.

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