And so another day at Commonwealth Stadium went down, let me fill you in on the action...

-As per usual Steven Jyles got most of the reps at QB.

-Masoli putting his rocket arm on display hitting Nate Cooehorn on numerous route, looking good in game situations. Come along way from rookie camp.

-The kick return game could really have anyone no one guy defined yet Burnett, Hugh Charles, Townsend all returned kicks.

-RB Cory Ross for a 5'7 guy at 200 does have some speed.

-WR Adarius Bowman was mainly riding bike yesterday...

-WR Fred Stamps getting better each day out, making catches with guys draped all over him like a summer dress on John Goodman!

-DB Weldon Brown was flying around the field break up passes all morning long.

-Jyles with some risky throws but guys like Stamps are getting them

-Masoli was able to throw a bullet through double coverage to hit WR Carey Koch.

-Matt Nichols looked off today was not calm in the pocket especially when the D brought the blitz on him.

Post practice audio from Kavis Reed

Post practice interview with Fred Stamps

That's all for now, I'm Avry and I'm out. Follow me on twitter @Avry .