Greenville SC, 05-Feb-2013 - Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc. Offers Greenville Sunspace Enclosed Porch options to expand the living space of client homes and extend the outdoor season for several months each year. A sunspace is defined as a space where the sun's rays pass through glass or other glazing in order to warm the space within. Materials such as masonry or water may be used to capture the warmed air. This type of application can significantly reduce the winter heating needs of home owners throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Using the concept of an enclosed porch means that construction costs are reduced. The project may be a new addition, or an existing porch may be enclosed in an attractive and effective manner. The right type of design is a key element in the successful completion of such a project.

A spokesperson for the company spoke to an interviewer recently about the reasons why consumers should select Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc to do this type of project, "We believe in the concept of honesty. It is the very root of our business, and it has kept us here for over 38 years! Our involvement with home owners is hassle free. The price is given, product information is discussed, the application is explained, and the choice is yours. It's that simple."

Home owners can easily request an estimate for the type of work that they want done. There is no cost for this service. The windows are available in various colors and styles, so that they blend with the existing style of the home.

Learn more about the designs and styles that are available in Greenville Sunspace enclosed porch options by clicking on the website links at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the information in this specific press release are encouraged to contact the business at the location described below.

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