Japanese foot concord numerous"interaction" and"tacit understanding"s of business enterprise a certain degree.

About 100 far way since then faithful Sa Si thin Er virtuous fan, in Zhu Qiu's your name custom nfl jerseys jerseys eyes, infinitesimal must have some wretchednesses, the figure of their minuteness is drowned at the ocean in red black in.

Of the Milan the type and head deliver appearance and equally came from anticipating of opponent, because Anne is fat to again eject recent he some"play" to become addicted of 451 types:

Recently few crests of Ma Sa Luo for delivering at most before, in field in addition to Er Betty Ni almost no man can act for, among them, none of players is an absolute main force, custom nfl jerseys empress defense line up, Ma Er Di the Ni is surprised of emergence at 94 world cup once appeared of in rearguard position, other such as add benefit and Sa to pull, the Pa Nu is strange etc. all at last substitute repair a player, particularly in the door position up, after comparing the war that the second Di just broke the youngest hat in ball team Europe after last month to record, again became the Toyota cup youngest head in history hair player!

The Toyota cup fantasy song of the text chapter 099

There are still several chapters being about to get into more fascinatingly the second chapter, the beginning entitles heavy Zhu 95 and thank everyone always of support~-

Although with greater half for repair the Milan of appearance war, have no excessively result of thinking greatly of the game.However, go into business industry and culture of angle consideration, take down this game, equally have a dissimilarity usually of meaning.

The Japanese starts extensive concern football of history originally not long-probably the beginning of 90's starts to calculate from the end of 80's.Once a year the Toyota cup for holding in Japan, became the then Japanese football, understood one of world's most important window ways.That several yearses of Toyota cup has very high game quality.

The independence, race and saint protects Luo You Wen Tu Si and Ai because of Huo and Belgrade's popular actor .Your square sings I show up, the satge of Toyota cup achieved to belong to their own brilliancy.In this period, say to leave to print to nfl wholesale jerseys record most profoundly to the Japanese of Toyota cup to be to push a Toyota cup Milan definitely for 90 years 3:0 shot Kui Paraguay Olympiads of that fights.

The hover is at the ancient dint of the inside hero, energetic and daring in sky especially, natural and unrestrained from such as of Ba Si Teng even the then of substitute repair a door Luo west, can also a war become famous in the game like that!In that game, the three swordsmans moving sort deduces, show the spot fan and television audience like Chi if inebriate.Offensive football, intense emotion football and sexy football that the Milan in that time pursues with Japanese manpower diagram agrees without previous consultation, football"storm" of Milan is in the sympathy that they stired up mightiness in the heart.

Up to now, Zhu Qiu has to appreciate for a while, the Milan in that year brings oneself and the Milan in nowadays of huge help, because is beyond all doubt, before his business plans at large-scale expansion in Japan, the Milan is still Japanese public middle period field the top have the club of influence most -this to a great extent that does obeisance that Toyota cup grant.

Ba Er of the one side's reaching a promise is to don't understand very much, is the Si that substitutes to repair a player Luo Pa especially, why when he appeared get greater and stronger real strenght than his reputation the Er more applause and acclaim of Japanese audienceses of Betty Ni?Zhu Qiu smiles and tells him, that because the former is lucky and takes part in a Toyota the cup for 90 years.

In the "memory" once at 98 year a game of world cup in, produced person, He Sai, in Columbia of two red cards, eight yellow cards*dragged along thunder second, became the plate umpire of your name jerseys this game, along with his Shao ring, make Europe and South America that the fan expected already a long time the strongest of contest, formally drew back prologue.

At shell Er Sa of under the reformation, Sa Si thin Er virtuou