The New York Jets?  Not a chance.

After an off season of premature hype, a season of over confidence, and the whole Antonio Cromartie episode, the New England Patriots are going to run up the score in typical Bill Belichick fashion to shut the mouths of the cocky New Yorkers.  Besides, the Jets just played the Patriots a month ago and were slaughtered 45-3.

How about the Pittsburgh Steelers?

They could, but not likely.

They don't have the talent at the cornerback position to slow down Tom Brady and the Patriots methodical passing attack.

The Patriots already played the Steelers this season.  Brady threw for 350 in Pittsburgh en route to a 39-26 victory.

Time to scan through the remaining NFC teams:

Chicago Bears?

The erratic Jay Cutler vs. Mr. Clutch Tom Brady on the biggest stage of them all...I don't even have to answer this one.

Seattle Seahawks?  Maybe next season.

The Green Bay Packers though, they're a team that has a shot at knocking off the Super Bowl favorites: the only team that has shot.

The Packers and the Patriots played each other in the regular season.  Even with Aaron Rogers out with a concussion and Matt Flynn starting at quarterback, the Packers only lost by four points, in New England.

Green Bay also has arguably the most talented secondary in the NFL.  Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Nick Collins: talk about stacked.

Unlike the other teams listed above, the Packers have the defensive backs to slow down the Patriots top flight passing attack, and unlike the teams listed above, they also have the firepower to keep up in a shootout.

Aaron Rogers is playing unbelievably right now, Greg Jennings has been superb all season long, and their running game is even starting to become a threat.

On top of the talented secondary and the explosive offense, the final thing the Packers would need to defeat the Patriots is a disruptive pass rush.  Yeah, they have that too.  

Clay Matthews Jr. is one of the league's best pass rushers, and B.J. Raji is one of the top nose tackles at collapsing the pocket.

This isn't just left over hype talking from a 48-21 beat down of the number one seed Atlanta Falcons.  The Patriots will be praying for the Bears or Seahawks to defeat the Packers next weekend, because they're the only threat left.