tuous, but is exactly such an Argentine civilian's ball team with no popular ball star, in the emancipator cup finals in South America in last year, won well-known and like the sun at high noon Brazil saint to protect Luo's brigade.

(Note:Emancipator cup champion in South America, entitle to represent American ball personalized nfl jerseys cheap team to take part in the end of those early years, is been allied to unite to hold together with foot in South America by foot in Europe, Japanese foot help the Toyota cup of being responsible for the implementation match.)

A civilian's ball team like this starts to compare saint to protect Luo and the Bo card youth"Hao door" in South America like that, in Zhu Qiu's eyes more difficult tie up, if not that NFL Jerseys having some things that he can "meet" and prepare in advance, probably that again will be a to completely suffer a war.

Offend to guard balance, military tactics properly, player match tacit understanding all of these is so a pay unattractive small ball team can smile Ao Argentina even is the reason of foot altar in South America, will with greater half for repair appearance Milan for fighting, want to win such an opponent that is difficult to tie up, have a not small difficulty, particularly is the "new" coach name that Zhu Qiu discovers this ball team and he that is in the Anne's fat eye"weird" type, really believed more thus of win victory a difficulty.

The text chapter 098 bedlamite coach with his 3313

In Zhu Qiu's"memory", this Toyota cup opponent Sa Si thin Er virtuous commander-in-chief, originally should sit upright a handsome at the international Milan at this time up of that teaches a head more strange than Anne, but don't know to proceed from the reason why, the Mo La Di great owner of country rice will dig a country rice than the Anne strange old man "advance".

This always is a question of center of sphere's head, because the top country rice of match quarter commander-in-chief, in the ball team condition under the very what a mess circumstance, still the miracle sort won an EU cup.

When the Toyota cup is near at at present of, think of various front and back things of the pasts of this Toyota cup in the memory, Zhu Qiu more can not comprehend Mo La Di so"oddness" action, because customized nfl jerseys memory in of more strange than Anne, nfl cheap jerseys because leading thin Er of general Sa Si of civilian on the Toyota cup is virtuous, by surprise win AC Milan, draw the great owner's attention thus, and be expected in this winter Xie by the latter, resolutely invite under the blue and black army corps debt.

The performance that since had no the Milan"jinx" was again the reason why to arouse be the strong interest of pulling the Di not?Very obviously, X country ZX usually set the summary mode for using-namely Sa Si thin Er the virtuous"gram" saint protect Luo, while the saint protect Luo and then"gram" Milan of serial mutually gram parlance, is say not past.

How to calculate all of this are a careless Zhang, think impassability herein Zhu Qiu of the joint, the in the mind calculates and only waits in the future have an opportunity, directly asked that to"stir up" historical of great owner.

Proper Anne slices Luo Di several nfl cheap jerseys people, to Sa Si thin Er the "new" bishop of the virtuous not known to public do a helpless moment, Zhu Qiu knows, is unique a still calculate to that"new" successor's circumstance familiar of person, he has a necessity to again stand out"performance" by himself/herself for a while encyclopedic scholarship.

"Ma Sai Luo* shell Er Sa, Argentina native coach, have" bedlamite coach"of call, at the same time is also a very clinging of coach, he stubborn of persistence he's football philosophy, he is one of the person whom the Argentine domestic minority presume to challenge the king of baseball Na authority of Ma La Duo, the military tactics thought inclines toward aggression, but sometimes also keeps of make people throw up blood, teach a characteristics to like to earnestly practice, face a conductor likes to be like have no head fly sort's present side takes a stroll "

Zhu Qiu more says to more have a "felling", almost the shell Er Si in San`a in the memory at 02 years, various"leave through the Pan way" of the world cup it rais