After Tuesday night's 4-3 OT loss to the New Jersey Devils and Jonas Gustavsson allowing 3 soft goals including the OT winner that was going wide it has lead to tweets among my Leafs fans on twitter trading Jonas Gustavsson, trading for another goalie, put Reimer back in, get rid of both, bring up Scrivens.

Earlier this year GM Brian Burke threw his support at his 2 goalies but today on an interview with TSN Radio 1050 in Toronto saying this about their goaltending situation ""We haven't been dabbling in that market, but certainly it's something we have to explore to at least find out what the price-tags are."

So where would that be you ask well here's the possibilities from least likely to most likely includes player, team, cap hit(in brackets) and contract status

NMC = No Movement Clause, NTC = No Trade Clause

Ryan Miller - Buffalo Sabres ($6.25 Million) NTC(8 Teams) 2 Years Remaining - I read this mentioned on my twitter but not a chance Sabres trade him in division and Miller can block a trade to 8 teams and Leafs might be one of those

Tuukka Rask - Boston Bruins (1.25 Million) RFA - Not a chance Bruins trade him in division or likely period

J.S. Giguere - Colorado Avalnche ($1.25 Million) 1 Year Remaining - Had him last year and was batting injuries last year I know he's playing well with the Avalanche but been there before unlikely



Ty Conklin - Detroit Red Wings ($700,000) UFA - When Howard went out they went with McDonald instead and put Conkin on waivers where every team had a chance and didn't take him so unlikely here

Curtis Sanford - Columbus Blue Jackets ($600,000) UFA -  Umm career minor leaguer/backup and he's 32? I don't think so

Andrew Raycroft - Dallas Stars ($650,000) UFA - Hold on a sec (looks at 2007-08 Leafs highlights) ya moving on

Thomas Greiss - San Jose Sharks ($587,500) 1 Year Remaining - Finally has won the backup job for the Sharks but has yet to handle a full load I doubt it. Also for those wondering about Nittymaki same thing with Conklin been placed on waivers and everyone had a shot he makes $2 million and is a UFA and has been in the minors since having off-season surgery that cost him the first few months of the year

Cory Schneider - Vancouver Canucks ($900,000) RFA - It would take lots to get him from Vancouver likely a 1st, roster player and a prospect can't see Burke paying that price for him

Sergei Bobrovsky - Philadelphia Flyers ($1.75 Million) 1 Year Remaining - There's a reason the Flyers have a 9 year contract with Ilya Bryzgalov 2nd year in the NHL but still somewhat unproven and I don't think trading him is an option for the Flyers at the moment

Jonathan Bernier - Los Angeles Kings ($1.25 Million) 1 Year Remaining - Maybe but not here Kings would be asking for lots in return and I think they would like to hold onto him for trying to pry Nash out of Columbus

Anders Lindback - Nashville Predators ($875,000) RFA - I don't see this being a move that Burke would do here maybe in the off-season Lindback in the rare times he's played has looked pretty good. He's a young goalie with upside that I'm sure doesn't want to play behind Pekka Rinne for 7 more years. He's big and could help push Reimer but I'm not doing it if the asking price is too big

Evgeni Nabokov - New York Islanders ($570,000) NMC UFA - it looks like he's possibly re-signing in Long Island and even if he isn't able to he has a no-movement clause and if he were to waiver it I;m sure it would be to a team that is going for a Stanley Cup. The main reason he didn't report to the Islanders when they claimed him off waivers in the first place.

Josh Harding - Minnesota Wild ($750,000) UFA - If its not going to cost a lot this would be a great option he's a UFA and the Wild are unlikely to resign him this off-season and when he has played he has played quite well and he's a UFA next year so it would be a low risk move

Nikolai Khabibulin - Edmonton Oilers ($3.75 Million) 1 Year Remaining - This is possibly the one I  see as the most likely if the price is reasonable with the Oilers being sellers and Dubnyk starting to emerge as the goalie of the future playing alright this year and with 1 year left you can bring him in and have him mentor Reimer for a year I wouldn't go anywhere beyond a 2nd round pick

As you can see the options here are kind of limited there's not a lot of options and out of these options Khabibulin is probably the most likely option for a young guy like Reimer having a veteran presence with him would benefit James Reimer and with the belief that he is the guy bringing in Khabibulin would help and if the cost isn't ridiculous it would help having a veteran presence to go with James Reimer since a move like that would only be a move for this year and next year and in the long run would benefit James Reimer.

Other than that options are kind of limited

Agree? Disagree? Any other options you can possibly think of?

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