Getting a new dog means taking the time to consider a few things. There are a number of ideas to play with before you simply gout and buy a dog. One may be looking for a special breed of dog, in which case you are strongly urged to do as much research as possible on the breed as possible. Going to the extra effort will pay off in the long run, especially if you seek out expert help from miniature schnauzer breeders in Florida.

Something to consider when getting a new canine is whether or not you have the right amount of space to accommodate all his needs. Should you get a breed that needs space, you will have to ensure that there is enough place for him to exercise. One will actually find that it is the smaller breeds that require lots of space for exercise. Some of the bigger breeds tend to laze around on the couch and not need as much exercising.

When choosing a breed, it is important to remember that most dogs shed twice a year. This could mean that you will be covered in long hair, if you have along haired dog. There are some dogs that shed very little and they may be preferable for you. Shedding is inevitable though so one should resign them self to the idea that irrespective of what dog you choose, there will be shedding.

The health and well being of your canine friend are your responsibility and you will have to groom him at least three times a week for the animal to stay in top condition. When they are small and cute, everyone wants in on the grooming game, but as he gets older and is not as cute anymore, the novelty soon wears off and soon, this all becomes a chore. One cannot let this happen to your new friend.

Should you have a particular breed in mind, it is a good idea to call up one of the breeding kennels. Ask if you could spend some time there to observe the breed. This way, when you go out to buy yours, you will have more knowledge about them. Find out from the breeder what litters are on their way and ask to see the parents.

One will also have to take the new puppy to socialization classes. Every pup needs to be able to socialize and these classes are specially developed to help your dog get along with other dogs of his own size, as well as others. Puppy socialization classes are good for all types of dogs.

Finding the perfect animal is almost impossible, but more difficult is finding the right food to feed your new friend. Nowadays, there is much controversy regarding dog foods. Every dog's nutritional needs are different and you are therefore strongly advised to research the breeds' nutritional requirements, before purchasing a certain animal.

By now, you will no doubt know that there is big controversy regarding dog food and if you want to give yours the best, you would once again head to the miniature schnauzer breeders in Florida to see what the animal is likely to do well on. Soon you will notice that you are probably better off preparing his food yourself. At the end of the day, you will be doing your new best friend a great justice.

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